Sponsorship Packages

Put your mark on the greatest PV event in Singapore of 2016!

An event like PVSEC-26 in Singapore is only possible with the support of the PV community in Singapore and beyond. Three different communities are addressed: commercial companies and industry players with a vested interest in PV, government and non-for-profit organisations that support the PV community, and the press that covers the PV community in a substantial way.

To the first group we will provide visibility and recognition, and plenty of opportunities to make sure the PV community know of their products, and this with packages that are tailored to different budgets.

The second group, government and not-for-profit, we would mainly limit to Singapore and its neighbours (Malaysia and Indonesia). For their support of the event they will receive an opportunity to show the PV community how they contribute to the success of PV in our region. This can be government offices that have an active role in the deployment of PV, research centers with a PV research programme, or universities and polytechnics that have a curriculum that contributes directly to the PV industry.

The Press is also welcomed at PVSEC-26 and there will be plenty of opportunities to report about the event before, during and after the conference.

The organisers reserve the right to evaluate if your organisation complies with the basic selection criteria. Feel free to apply or request information about the event and how you could participate. Fill in the form below to request information as a commercial company, as a not-for-profit organisation or government body, or as a Press Partner (forms under construction – available as of April 2015).