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About Singapore Polytechnic Solar Car

The SP Solar Car project is a cross-school, multi-disciplinary project requiring students and staff to design and build a road-worthy solar EV that can travel 3,000 km across the Australian Outback from Darwin to Adelaide in 6 days, using only energy from the sun. This prestigious competition draws entries from industry and leading institutions from around the world, in a showcase of engineering and technological excellence, inspiring the next generation of innovators and raising public awareness about renewable energy, sustainable transportation and the environment.

Established in 1954, Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is Singapore’s first polytechnic. It has 10 schools that offer 47 full-time diploma courses for close to 16,000 students.  SP adopts a proven creative teaching and learning framework and offers students a holistic, authentic and industry-relevant curriculum, innovative and vibrant learning spaces, and enriching overseas programmes. The SP Solar Car project enables students to collaborate on a challenging, real-world engineering project, inspires them to be passionate about Science, Technology and Engineering and increases awareness of SP’s commitment to innovation and technological excellence.


About SunSPEC 4

Measuring 4500 mm (L) x 1800 mm (W) x 1300 mm (H), Singapore’s 1st 2-seater solar car, SunSPEC 4, participated in the 2015 World Solar Challenge (Cruiser category). Incorporating a light-weight carbon-fiber body, space-grade solar panels and ultra-high efficiency BLDC motors, SunSPEC 4’s sleek aerodynamics enables it to travel at an average speed of 60 kmh on public roads, using the energy equivalent to that of a hair-dryer. 


SP Solar Car Projects since 1999

  1.    SunSPEED – Singapore’s 1st Solar Car. Participated in the World Solar Challenge 1999 (WSC1999)
  2.    SunSPEC 2 – SS2– 1st place in Solar (Prototype) category in Shell Eco Marathon Asia 2012 (SEMA2012)
  3.    SunSPEC 3 – SS3– Only Singapore entry for 2013 World Solar Challenge (Challenger category)
  4.    SunSPEC 4 – SS4– 1st 2-seater Solar Car in Singapore. Participated in 2015 World Solar Challenge