PV in Buildings - IEA PVPS Workshop

PV in Buildings: its competitiveness and potential in the future
Thursday, 27 Oct 2016, 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM | 3810A-3810B | Download Latest Programme

Photovoltaic (PV) power generation became an integral part of energy solutions with the cost reduction of PV systems. This workshop covers the various aspects of PV application for buildings such as the cost-competitiveness of PV applications, enablers of self-consumption, potential of BIPV and other issues. The workshop is co-hosted by the PVSEC-26 Steering Committee and IEA PVPS.



Co-chairs: Dr Stephen TAY, SERIS, Singapore & Izumi KAIZUKA, RTS Corporation, Japan 

9:00 AM Session 1: Welcome and setting the scene

  • Greetings: Dr Stephen TAY, SERIS, Singapore
  • Gaëtan MASSON, Task 1 leader, IEA PVPS, “Trends of PV integration in buildings (TBC)”
  • Christoph MAYR, Task 14 leader, AIT, Austria, “Building Integration of PV and high penetration (TBC)”
  • Hisashi ISHII, Task 15 expert, Advanced Technology Laboratory, R&D Division, LIXIL, Japan, “BIPV opportunities (TBC)”
  • Laure-Emmanuelle Perret-Aebi, CSEM, Switzerland, "Tomorrow’s cities: active elements and architecture"

  • Katarina UHEROVA HASBANI, Task 9 expert, Board Member of the Alliance for Rural Electrification, Revelle Group, Belgium, "Off-grid solar home systems as a competitive decentralised solution to bring energy access in developing and emerging countries (TBC)"

11:00 AM Session 2: Country experiences

  • NG Bingrong, Building & Research Institute, Housing & Development Board (HDB), Singapore, “HDB's Solar PV Journey in Singapore”
  • Monika BIERI, SERIS, Singapore “Unsubsidised rooftop PV market in Singapore: when do we get grid parity back?”
  • Zhengxin LIU, Shanghai Institute of Microsystem & Information Technology (SIMIT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS); Solar Photovoltaic Committee of China Renewable Energy Society, China, “Distributed Generation in China (TBC)”
  • Izumi KAIZUKA, Task 1 expert, RTS Corporation, Japan, “Evolution of Residential PV market in Japan”
  • Frank HAUGWITZ, AECEA, Hong Kong, “India's Rooftop Ambitions - Potential - Challenges - Prospects”
  • Closing remarks, Izumi KAIZUKA



The IEA Photovoltaic Power Systems Programme (IEA PVPS) is one of the collaborative research and development network within the International Energy Agency (IEA). The mission of the programme is to “enhance the international collaborative efforts which facilitate the role of photovoltaic solar energy as a cornerstone in the transition to sustainable energy systems.” In order to achieve this, the IEA PVPS has undertaken a variety of joint research projects in PV power systems applications. For more information, please visit http://www.iea-pvps.org/