Mr Yasser GAMIL

Mr Yasser GAMIL

Managing Director
Z-One Holding FZCO, United Arab Emirates


Between overpromises and very low accomplishments, the Middle East Solar PV market is struggling since 2007 until today. Apart from the very few successful small installations here and there, the market has a very long way to go in terms of government regulations, grid capacities, banking and political environment. On the other hand, the African market is growing very fast with huge market potential but with small installations. In the MEA region, where more than 1 billion people (15% of the world) are living, the current average installed PV power plants per year is only 500MW (1% of the world). In addition, only 200MW PV Cell production line and 1 GW Module production lines were installed in the last five years. The Middle East and Africa PV Market has a long way to go however it is vital to watch every steps.


Yasser Gamil is the Managing Director of Z-One FZCO. Yasser’s distinguished career spans over 25 years where he has held executive roles with various companies including Computer and Engineering World (a Publicly listed company in Egypt in 1999), Disctech FZE, a UAE based company with more than 200 production lines of CD/DVD and 300 Million USD TO in 8 years and Z-One FZCO, a holding company in Dubai, UAE with 30M USD turnover, 8 subsidiaries and offices across the Middle East and Africa. Yasser’s early entry since the year 2000 into both the Ophthalmic and Solar industries has given him a head start in the Middle East and Africa and resulted in establishing him as an expert in the industry and the region. Yasser is a Civil Engineer who holds a Master’s degree in Soil Mechanics from Cairo University and a Master’s degree in Business Administration.