Mr Raymond HUDSON

Mr Raymond HUDSON

Solar Segment Director
DNV GL, United States

Keeping the Lights On: Best Practices in Achieving High PV Grid Penetration

Utilities are seeing rapid growth of PV on their systems. This includes areas with relatively weak grids such as islands or those with extended transmission and distribution systems. To ensure stable and reliable operation of the grid, utilities maintain reserve generator capacity which typically is deployed in the case of grid frequency dips. These “spinning reserves” add to the cost of operating the utility systems. Maintaining such reserves when significant amounts of PV are connected to the grid can be challenging as power generation may dynamically change by significant amounts in the case of solar resource variations (such as clouds). These challenges can be met through the deployment of “smart” inverters, the use of energy storage, and through demand response. These approaches can support the reduction of the spinning reserves required and allow for higher PV penetration levels while maintaining grid stability and reliability. Several examples will be provided.


Mr. Raymond Hudson is the Global Solar Segment Director for DNV GL. He has been involved in distributed generation and solar PV for over 25 years. At DNV GL, he coordinates the company's global solar advisory and testing activities and directly works with leading solar clients including developers, equipment manufacturers, utilities, and financiers. He and the DNV GL solar team have been involved in providing services for the successful implementation of over 5500 PV installations globally. His background also includes executive positions at leading wind and solar inverter and grid interconnection equipment manufacturers. He holds Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Missouri in the USA.