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Advantages of using white encapsulants in pv modules

In order to get more power, solar module manufacturers are trying many innovation methods. In this work the benefits of using high reflection rate white encapsulant over a traditional EVA is presented. Optical performance of white encapsulant is demonstrated to reflect more light between cells back to module comparing to back sheet or back glass does. Different kinds of measurements demonstrate a different relative increase in the power rating of the PV module. White EVA seems to bring 1 – 2 extra watts if compared with an ordinary G/Bs panel, and around 1 watt increase if compared with panel using a high reflectivity back sheet. Wattage increase is remarkably high in double glass technology where white EVA implementation, gives around 8 watts of additional power to the panel. Analysis data and economic benefits are reported in this article to support the viability of this solution that has the possibility to become a popular main-stream technology in the near future.

The article also demonstrates viable and inexpensive methodology that eliminates all kind of problematic deriving from using white encapsulant in laminators and launches this material implementation on industrial scale. Never been used in the PV industry before, electron beam technology treatment on the finalized encapsulant, produces a controlled pre-crosslinking effect that allows the elimination of problems in the production such as white overflow on cells and ribbons or cell shifting in double glass technology. The module makers can therefore keep the same structure of the PV panel without adopting longer lamination conditions. Lamination techniques are also presented to demonstrate the simplicity of the integration of this new encapsulant into the PV panel that doesn’t need any laminator change or upgrade.

Finally by achieving higher production yield rates, the module maker have a direct benefit in term of cost saving. 


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