Mr Jin Hyeok KIM

Mr Jin Hyeok KIM

Chonnam National University, Korea

Transparent Conductive Characteristics of Mg and Ga Doped ZnO (MGZO) Thin Film For CZTS Solar Cell With Zn(O,S) Buffer Layer

The fabrication of high-efficiency CZTS thin film solar cell (TFSC) with a structure of Al/MGZO/ ZnO/Zn(O, S)/CZTS/Mo have been demonstrated for the first time. Specifically, n-type Mg and Ga doped ZnO (MGZO) thin films with wide band gap energy (3.8 eV) and low electrical resistivity (3.1×10-4 Ωcm) as an alternative TCO were prepared using sputtering method. The influence of different preparative parameters on the properties of MGZO thin films have been investigated. Further, a comparative study on the electrical properties between Al-doped ZnO (AZO) and MGZO window layer deposited on CZTS TFSCs was performed. The preliminary efficiency of 7.4 % with a Jsc of 14.9 mA/cm2 Voc of 376.9 mV, and a FF of 47 % have been obtained for Al/MGZO/Zn(O,S)/CZTS solar cell, although the processing parameters are not yet optimized. The efficiency can be further improved by optimizing the process parameters and controlling the conduction band alignment.


Ph. D. material engineering, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Post-Doc. UC Santa Babara
Post-Doc. ISIR-Sanken, Osaka university
professor Chonnam National University, Korea