Panasonic Corporation, Japan

Silicon heterojunction photovoltaic module with conversion efficiency of 23.8%

The silicon heterojunction (SHJ) solar cell, which we had introduced as an innovative structure for the high-efficiency solar cell, have shown its record-breaking potential and reached to the confirmed efficiency of 25.6% (designated area, 143.7 cm2) at research level in 2014 by adopting the back contact architecture.
For the next step, we are developing the technologies to fabricate high efficiency modules, by combining the back contact type SHJ solar cells with our expertise and experience of high efficiency photovoltaic modules HITTM cultivated in our mass-production history.
As a result, we recently achieved a photovoltaic module conversion efficiency of 23.8% and output power of 275.3 W (aperture area, 11,562 cm2) at research level confirmed by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST). This output power is the highest record in 72 cells photovoltaic modules using crystalline silicon wafer of 5 inch size.


Mr Daisuke FUJISHIMA joined Sanyo Electric Co. (now owned by Panasonic) in 2005 after graduating from Department of Electrical Engineering, Nagoya University. He has accomplished conversion efficiency of 25.6 % with back-contact type silicon heterojunction cell at R&D level in 2014. He was also the award recipients of Young Researcher Award in PVSEC-17 and Special Paper Award in WCPEC-6 .