Dr Shankar G. SRIDHARA

Dr Shankar G. SRIDHARA

Senior Fellow, Module Technology
REC, Singapore

Area 4: Technology Developments in REC: Silicon to Module

REC is a vertically integrated manufacturer of multi-crystalline solar panels with production facilities in Norway and Singapore. This vertical integration allows us to harmonize and industrialize the technology advancements in each division within the company. From successfully growing G5 ingots in a quad furnace using the low cost Elkem Solar Silicon (ESS),  to launching a high efficiency module combining multi-busbar, PERC and half-cut cell technology, REC has effectively utilized its entire value chain to remain competitive in the $/W race. In addition, the optimized combination of these different technologies has also resulted in improved performance in reliability and field tests. In this presentation, details of the various technical achievements within the various divisions of REC will be presented. 


Shankar joined REC in August 2006, as a graduate in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, Shankar has research experience in different fields such as large bandgap semiconductors and Ferroelectric polymers.

In 2006, Shankar joined the technology department in REC’s module manufacturing plant in Sweden where he eventually took charge of building up the department along with two labs to characterize materials and prototypes. In 2011, Shankar moved to Singapore to once again build a technology team and lab facilities to research on solar modules.

During his ten years in REC, Shankar has been responsible for industrializing several module power, cost reduction and reliability improvement initiatives based on module design and material changes.