Dr Johnny WONG

Dr Johnny WONG

Group Director (BRI), HDB, Singapore
HDB, Singapore

Deployment of Solar Leasing Projects for Public Housing in Singapore

As part of the Housing and Development Board's (HDB) efforts to bring sustainable living to its residents, HDB embarked on the Solar Capability Building Programme (SCBP) in 2009 to spearhead research and development of solar PV in Singapore. Once the technical feasibility of the solar PV panels was established for Singapore's local context, HDB worked together with the solar industry to develop the Solar Leasing business model for large-scale deployment, where solar PV developers are engaged by HDB to build, own, operate and maintain the solar PV systems while recovering their investment from the sale of solar energy. The huge success of the Solar Leasing model spurred a Whole-of-Government initiative known as the SolarNova Programme, to roll out solar PV in public buildings across Singapore, with HDB leading the front in this effort as the central government procuring agency for solar PV systems


As the Group Director of BRI, Dr Wong is responsible for leading HDB’s efforts in spearheading new innovative, cost effective solutions and technologies to create a better living environment and achieve greater sustainability. Dr Wong has been involved in many research studies on areas relating to building materials, acoustics, prefabrication technology, urban solutions and systems, construction technology and environmental sustainability. He is also responsible for promoting sustainable development initiatives in HDB buildings and estates. Dr Wong is driving the holistic and comprehensive sustainable development framework to guide the development of Punggol Eco-Town. With notable contributions to his field of work as a Professional Engineer, Dr Wong had been conferred several awards including the Henry-Boot Award, Laverick-Webster-Hewitt Award and the Institute of Civil Engineer’s Award. He was also awarded the Public Administration Medal (Silver) in 2015 for his contributions to the Public Sector.