Dr Jinseok LEE

Dr Jinseok LEE

Principal Researcher
Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER), Republic of Korea

Recovery Technology of Intact Wafer from End-of-life c-Si Photovoltaic Module

In terms of environmental issues, the global PV market significantly grew up to 50 GW in 2015 with a 25% growth rate compared to PV market in 2014, which leads to a huge amount of PV waste in the future. The PV waste can increase faster than expected, because the undesirable factors of the module such as optical detect, power loss, glass breakage, etc. accelerate shortening of its lifespan. Most people are aware that recycling is the most desirable way for the proper management of PV waste. In this talk, I will present various recycling technologies for c-Si PV modules and the recent KIER’s results as well. Especially, KIER’s new technology for intact Si wafer recovered from the module will be introduced with a consideration of breakage mechanism of the wafer during the module separation process. A PV performance of reclaimed wafer-based cell showed a high efficiency of > 17%. 


Principal researcher, advanced materials and devices laboratory, Korea institute of energy research (KIER), Republic of Korea.