Optistring Technologies, Sweden

Energy and cost efficient inverter topology for PV and the smart grid

Traditional PV inverters have leveled out in cost and performance improvement. New system solutions such as power optimizers have been introduced to further improve overall system performance, but with those technologies the performance increase comes with a higher cost. As PV and renewable energy in general are making a bigger part of the energy production new functionality is needed to store the energy and to support the power grid. Optistring is developing the next generation of power conversion systems bringing everything together. The systems make a step in increased efficiency and reduced cost and have all the sought after new functionalities for safety, energy optimization, storage, and interaction with the power grid, enabling smart systems that bridge the gap from the module to the grid.


Anders Lindgren has an electrical engineering degree from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. He has been working as a electronic designer and entrepreneur for 20 years within the field of power semiconductors and power electronics. He was part of founding Optistring Technologies in late 2011 and has since then been leading and developing the company and the new inverter technology.